Hi! I’m Maisie, and welcome to Sweeter with Honey!

About Me

I live in Austin, TX with my husband, Ryan, and 2 dogs. I’m a runner, dog-lover, search-engine-marketer by day, and kitchen-experimenter. We’re also soon-to-be parents for the first time!

I started reading and cooking from a variety of food blogs about 4 years ago, and it truly changed the way I eat and think about food. I used to eat a lot of packaged, processed food without a real understanding of what any basic recipes were made of. Fast forward to today and I love being in the kitchen experimenting with different plant-based, vegetarian recipe ideas. I’ve even got my meat-eating husband happily eating vegetarian most days of the week!

My Food Blog Experiment

I have challenged myself to post at least one new recipe per week for a year. I’m already realizing how much there is to learn about recipe development, food photography, website upkeep, etc, and I look forward to seeing what sort of progress I can make along the way.

Why Am I Doing This?
There are thousands of food blogs out there so why add Sweeter with Honey into the mix?

  1. Improve my skills in the kitchen and learn more about food in general. I’ve learned that creating a recipe requires really understanding each component and what it contributes to a dish. Also, sharing a recipe on the big scary internet will force me to work on a recipe until I’m truly happy with it.
  2. If things go really well, have the beginnings of a successful food blog in which I can share and get feedback on my recipes from readers
  3. End up with at least 52 of my favorite recipes nicely organized, and have spent a year working on a hobby I love
  4. It’s better than the Excel sheet I was using to keep track of all my favorite recipes


Sweeter with Honey